Months ago I needed to study/do many things intensively. As always, time is never enough and what we have must be managed optimally.

I already knew the Pomodoro technique and I’ve started reusing it again. But soon that wasn’t enough. The heterogeneity of tasks that I had to perform and their occurrences forced me to have many timers and to launch, reset them continuously. So I came up with the idea of creating an app along the lines of the pomodoro, with fully configurable settings and templates.

And here it is, Zeitstilla (hybrid word for “drop of time”, composed of the german word “zeit“, meaning time and latin word “stilla“, meaning drop), basically a timer that allows you to manage in one place a to-do list and how to accomplish it.

Roughly speaking, a standard Pomodoro template is composed* of a set working, break and long break intervals, each of them with a suggested duration. What if I wanted to use a different pattern? An different durations? Zeitstilla allows you to configure all of this. Purists would disagree, but my answer would be “it depends on what you have to do”, or rather it depends on your learning/doing ability.

Zeitstilla is an experimental web app, accessible from any device for free. You can try it at https://zeitstilla.com. Learn more about its features here.

* please learn better about the Pomodoro technique from the official resources.