Automatic Envelope Extraction for Hair Modeling and Animation, a method to automatically create an envelope for any 3D mesh, reconstructing a topology based on the spatial behavior of the geometry itself. Read more here.

Open Hugrade

A humble graph designer for lazy people like me. Lately I finished fixing the source and “open sourced” it : ported to java15, jfx15 and modularized.

For more details see here. Of course available on GitHub.


Command line interface menu (CLIM) engine for JVM offers a very simple system to manage UI menus via the cli. It may be useful when prototyping core libraries in their early stage, in absence of advanced GUI yet.

CLIM is an open source project.
Check it out on Github

Prosa’s March

The Probability Solver of Absorbing States in Markov Chain is my solution for an online programming game. The simple code in this repository provides a method to compute probabilities for the absorbing states in a given Markov chain. The code is available on GitHub.