Months ago I needed to study/do many things intensively. As always, time is never enough and what we have must be managed optimally. I already knew the Pomodoro technique and I’ve started reusing it again. But soon that wasn’t enough. The heterogeneity of tasks that I had to perform and their occurrences forced me to … Read more


Even if it’s on an early stage, I’m proud to release a first version of Meshgraph, an open source library which allows to convert 3D objects into graphs and thus perform algorithms on them in python. Additional features to come in the future.Visit GitHub repo.

The “Clone Quotes” page

Recently I watched the Star Wars: The Clone Wars marathon, on my advice a high quality TV series.
I’ve always appreciate the quote at the beginning of each episode, which provides a wise hint by alluding to the upcoming story.

On the page Clone Quote I host a tiny app that picks random quotes from the show. By refreshing the page a new quote will appear.

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HyperIMU now shows GPS and NMEA values in live charts view; also basic statistics for numeric data are available in the CSV viewer 😋🤳

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