The Tumbler batmobile, from the Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Created way back in 2011, while testing the Blaster script for 3ds Max. Created in 3ds Max, rendered with V-Ray.


Diane, the first representative of the method Automatic Envelope Extraction for Hair Simulation. This is a fast project to test out the approach. Mainly used ZBrush, switching to 3ds Max for rigging, posing and rendering. Used Ephere’s Ornatrix for the hair simulation. Below the whole pipeline:

Miss B.S.

I was experimenting with a new way to render CG models: using a convolutional neural network (CNN) to provide a “beauty” pass rendering.

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This project is my vision of the Trinacria, the ancient symbol of the Sicily, a Region in southern Italy. This symbol dates back to when Sicily was a colonial extension of Magna Graecia. I modeled everything in ZBrush, rendered with Arnold in 3ds Max, then composited in Photoshop. Heraldry The symbol of Trinacria recalls mythological … Read more


This is the first attempt to make an entire character from scratch. Modeled in Zbrush and 3DS Max, rendered by Arnold and composited in PS. See the post on ZBC . And, of course, a turntable:

Maxscripts Showreel

After almost ten years of development of scripts in 3ds Max, finally it came the time to collect all of them into a short show reel.

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