HyperIMU Promo

Take a video of your work featuring HyperIMU, it will be included in the next HyperIMU Promo Movie.

Your Work is awesome!

Are you working on a mobile robot? On a localization algorithm? On a seismology work? On other cool project?
Send pictures of your awesome work and let the World know it!

Partecipation Guidelines

In order to partecipate, follow these guidelines:

  • Shoot your video in landscape orientation
  • Show your work in live action: your creation must be alive, on operating state
  • If possible, frame your device running HyperIMU
  • Don’t shake your camera too much: smooth and clean movements are the best
  • Don’t add music, sounds will be replaced in the final video
  • Be creative!

Send your awesome video to info@ianovir.com, specifying as email object “HIMU PROMO” and as email body the following:

  • Your personal name and/or company name
  • A link to your website/email/social account
  • A brief description of your work

Video recommendations

Allowed video formats:

  • .AVI
  • .MOV
  • .MP4
  • .MPEG4
  • .WMV
  • .FLV

General specs:

  • Minimum frame rate: 24 fps
  • Minimum resolution: 720p: 1280×720
  • Minimum bitrate: 5 Mbps

Privacy Policy

By sending the video to info@ianovir.com, automatically you agree with the Privacy Policy.