XSheet – changelog

Version 4.5.2

  • Minor bugs fixed and stability improvements

Version 4.5.1

  • Projects will be stored with the new extensible format .s8 that supersedes the old format .rm;
  • project screen:
    • larger thumbnails;
    • new way to reorder actions by easily press and drag them;
    • removed “mean” button from smart timer;
  • action screen:
    • lighter GUI;
    • added context menu (long press) on the thumbnail to import/copy/paste pictures;
    • removed Title box (for old projects, this text isn’t lost but it won’t be visible);
    • added dialogue checkbox and actor name box (latter visible if the action is a dialogue);
  • removed multiple exportations of xsheets, animatics and storyboards: it will possible to export only one file per type, avoiding memory usage and confusion on file listing;
  • embedded animatic viewer;
  • supported only horizontal (landscape) device orientation;
  • supporting larger screens;
  • boosted animatics generation
  • known bugs fixed;
  • performance improvements;

Older versions