Hugrade is an open source software that allows to draw and analyze bidirected weighted graphs from scratch.

Hugrade: the main GUI


  • User-friendly: nodes and edge creation/configuration with few clicks
    • negative edges
    • bidirected edges
  • Export formats:
    • GML (Graph Modelling Language)
    • CSV (transition matrix)
    • TXT (transition matrix)
    • XGP (hugrade native)
  • Path solvers:
    • A*
    • Bellman-Ford
    • Dijkstra
  • Graph normalization (partially or completely)
  • Absorbing states probability (Markov chain)

This project was born time ago as I was looking for a tool that would allow me to design graphs in a simple and immediate
way and export them for algorithm development. I decided to make it open source so that anyone can contribute and improve it.

Hugrade is hosted on GitHub. For the dedicated wiki, follow this link.