Envelope Extraction Method
Envelope Extraction Method

Creating an envelope from any 3D manifold

Maxscripts Showreel
Maxscripts Showreel

Ten years of tool development for 3ds Max


Powerful sensor app for smartphones

OGLVir engine
OGLVir engine

Experimental 3D engine for mobile

Miss BS
Miss B.S

Computer graphics and Machine Learning

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Launching Zeitstilla

Experimental app for time management and productivity


Presenting a wide range of products and solutions, spanning software utilities, computer graphics and open source.

Creative Hub

Art Assets Marketplace

A collection of wonderful assets for digital sculpting with ZBrush

3D Printing

Developing collection of original models for 3d Printing

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Zeitstilla artworks
I wanted to create original splash images for my new app Zeitstilla. I started from pencil sketched concepts, then I …
Months ago I needed to study/do many things intensively. As always, time is never enough and what we have must …
Even if it's on an early stage, I'm proud to release a first version of Meshgraph, an open source library …
The “Clone Quotes” page
On the page Clone Quote I host a tiny app that picks random quotes from the show

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