Some open source projects.

HyperIMU server

HIMUServer is a server-side solution for the app HyperIMU. Developed in python, it covers all server-side stream protocols supported by HyperIMU, such as internet input streaming, csv sequence chunking.
Check it out on GitHub.


Emailpy is a basic python library for sending and reading email messages by using the IMAP and SMTP protocols. It’s meant to offer a fast and painless access to email services. Supported Python2 and Python3.
Check it out on GitHub.

Prosas March

Prosas march” stands for probability solver of absorbing states in Markov chain. This is my solution for an online programming game. As the title clearly indicates, the simple code in this repository provides a method to compute probabilities for the absorbing states in a given Markov chain.
Check it out on GitHub.