Open Source Projects

Personal programming projects, shared with the World. For a complete list of open source projects, please visit my Github page.

HyperIMU server

HIMUServer is a server-side solution for the app HyperIMU. Developed in python, it covers all server-side stream protocols supported by HyperIMU, such as internet input streaming, csv sequence chunking etc … .

python, tcp/udp


Emailpy is a basic python library for sending and reading email messages by using the IMAP and SMTP protocols. It’s meant to offer a fast and painless access to email services. Supported Python2 and Python3.


Prosas March

Prosas march” stands for probability solver of absorbing states in Markov chain. This is my solution for an online programming game. The code in this repository provides an implementation to compute probabilities for the absorbing states in a given Markov chain.



Command line interface menu (CLIM) engine for JVM or .NET core offers a very simple system to manage UI menus via the cli.
CLIM may be useful when prototyping core libraries in their early stage, in absence of advanced GUI yet. For example, when you are developing core component for multi-platform environments and you need to use or distribute it in its early stage.

java, c#, .net, .net core


Hugrade is an open source software that allows to draw and analyze weighted graphs from scratch.

java, javaFX


Meshgraph is a python library which allows to convert 3D objects into graphs and thus perform algorithms on them. This project is born to easily conduct static analysis on 3D mesh geometries.