Hyper Gyro

Well, often it’s so difficult to read the instruction booklet of something before using it. This is the reason I made the new app Hyper Gyro!

Since some gamers can’t lose their precious time to understand the purpose of an app like HyperIMU nor the effort made by its developer, I made what they wished for: a simple rotating wheel spinning in the background.
No settings, no protocols, no problemos

I guess this is an example of a manufacturer that meets the “needs” of the market…

I will ask for Hyper Gyro to be included in the next Android release as system app, together with their favourite multiplayer game maybe.

You’re doing it wrong, kid!

It seems that many mobile gamers are convinced that HyperIMU reduces latency for some sensors like the gyro.
Substantially, they launch the app in the background (with no protocol selected), then go back playing at games and hoping for a better gaming experience…

Maybe this is so, maybe not. For sure,  HyperIMU is not designed to improve sensors’ usage by other installed apps or games.

Is it still a good idea to know the purpose of something before using it?